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Fruit, Terra Rose Line Dinnerware Tableware Replacements by Stangl Pottery

Fruit, Terra Rose Line china, dinnerware tableware replacements by Stangl Pottery, made in the USA.

Stangl Pottery's early history goes back to 1814 when it started as Hill Pottery (founded by Samuel Hill) in Flemington, New Jersey.

The underglazed mass-produced, hand-decorated dinnerware began in 1937 and the fruit pattern become very popular and is still highly sought by collectors.
In 1979 Pfaltzgraff purchased the Fleminton Outlet and all Stangl Pottery was closed. - Information from: "Collectors Encyclopedia of Stangl Dinnerware" by Robert C. Runge, Jr.

fruit terra rose line fruit, dinner plateFruit, Terra Rose Line by Stangl Pottery
Description: Terra rose line; handpainted, various fruit center
Status: Discontinued: 1942 - 1978
Condition: Used; good
fruit terra rose line, grapes salad platefruit terra rose line, grapes salad platestangl pottery, fruit, backstamp
DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Vegetable Serving Bowl 9 7/8", grapes, peach, cherries, pear STNFRUIrv 0 $55. Sold
Vegetable Serving Bowl 8 5/8", grapes, peach, cherries STNFRUIrv2 1 $48. Add to Cart
Divided Oval Vegetable Bowl 10 3/4, pear STNFRUIdv 1 $48. Add to Cart
Large Salad Serving Bowl 11 3/8" grapes, peach, cherries, plum, apple, pear STNFRUIsb 0 $0. Sold
Creamer, plum STNFRUIcr 1 $38. Add to Cart
Dinner Plate 10" grapes, peach & cherries STNFRUIdp 5 $60. Add to Cart
Salad Plate 8 1/4" grape STNFRUIsp 0 $15. Sold
Salad Plate 8 1/4" apple STNFRUIsp 0 $15. Sold
Bread Butter Plate 6 1/4" peach STNFRUIbb 7 $10. Add to Cart
Cereal Bowl 5 3/4", plum STNFRUIcer 0 $0. Sold
Fruit Berry Bowl 5 3/4", apple STNFRUIfr 0 $0. Sold
Cup w/Saucer, peach STNFRUIcs 0 $0. Sold
Cup, peach (no red on peach) STNFRUIc 0 $0. Sold
Saucer (manufacturer flaw (swirl line is incomplete)) STNFRUIs 0 $0. Sold
Dinner Plate 10" grape, peach & cherry (manufacturer flaw) STNFRUIdp 0 $0. Sold
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