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Flatware, Stainless Steel and Silver Tableware Replacements

Flatware, Stainless Steel and Silver replacements made by Gorham, Lenox China, Mikasa, Noritake, Oneida and more.

The term flatware is used to describe knives, forks and spoons that most of us would call cutlery. The term cutlery should really only be used to describe knives. Flatware, of course, is used by all of us but because modern lifestyles often do not involve sitting down to formal dining many have a motley collection of stainless steel or silver-plated hand-me-downs chucked into a kitchen drawer. It is ugly in the extreme to see the bare nickel showing on the back of a spoon and with certain foods it will give a disgusting taste of metal. In the past in the best houses even the servants sat down to a proper meal using a full set of silver cutlery and serving dishes but these days it may be only on occasions such as Christmas that we suddenly realise that if the dining table is to look complete then, at the very least, a matching set of knives and forks would be nice.

There has, of late, been a resurgence of interest in formal dining with cookery programs hosted by celebrity chefs among some of the most popular television shows and dining room layouts and table settings featured in many of the glossy lifestyle magazines. With so much effort exerted in the production and presentation of fine food and such artistic flair lavished on the table settings one can easily understand why the hosts and hostesses of today are eager to acquire beautiful silver flatware to complete the picture.

Flatware patterns by Gorham, Lenox, Mikasa, Noritake, Oneida & more.

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