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blue garland, pompadour

Johann Haviland, China Replacement, Bavaria Germany Tableware.

Johann Haviland China, Replacement China, antique, collectible, discontinued, china patterns made in Bavaria Germany including Blue Garland, Moss Rose, Sepia Rose, Forever Spring, Wedding Ring & more.

Charles Haviland's son Jean (he legally changed his name to John) moved to Bavaria (Waldershof, Germany) in 1907 to begin the Johann Haviland Company. Bavaria was the only other region outside France and China where the essential "kaolin" could be found. The Johann Haviland Company was comparatively short-lived, ceasing production in 1924. The name rights to Johann Haviland were eventually purchased by an Italian Company, and later by the Rosenthal Group.

Early Haviland products included everyday china, hotel china and high quality china for home use. In 1924, the company was sold to Richard-Ginori and the name of the firm was changed to "Porzellanfabrik Waldershof AG." Rosenthal China of Germany purchased the Waldershof factory in 1937 and began producing fine china for export to the United States. This dinnerware was marked "Johann Haviland, Bavaria, Germany." In the 1970īs and 1980īs, many patterns were sold in grocery stores as premiums, distributed by the Johann Haviland Corporation of Des Plaines, Illinois. Johann Haviland China was made at the Waldershof factory until the late 1980īs.

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