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Wm Adams & Sons, Real Engish Ironstone China Replacement

WM Adams & Sons, Real English Ironstone replacement china made in England.

Established in 1769, William Adams & Sons is among the oldest names in the Staffordshire pottery industry. Some sources describe William Adams as a favorite pupil of Josiah Wedgwood, but it is well known that in the 1780s, Adams began production of Jasper wares to rival that of Wedgwood's. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Adams was a leading manufacturer of earthenwares, Parian creamware, and Jasper wares. Many patterns, such as the popular Singapore Bird, show considerable Oriental influence with their pale green Calyx glazes recreating the celadon glazes of ancient Chinese dynasties. Adams Ironstone, with its timeless appeal, is characterized by a lovely handpainted style that highlights its shapes and colors. In 1966, Adams china became part of the Wedgewood group and Adams tableware continues to appeal to casual and fine china lovers alike.