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yellow daisy, china pattern

American Limoges, China Replacement, American Dinnerware, Tableware

American Limoges, Sebring Pottery Replacement China, Made in Sebring Ohio.

Limoges China Co., USA, Sebring, Ohio - founded in 1900 by the Sebring Brothers. The Sebring Pottery emerged with American Limoges in the late 1930s.
The Limoges China Co. started out as Sterling China then the name was changed to Sebring China Company. As there was a company already using the Sebring name, this created problems so the name was changed again to Limoges China Company.
The name Lincoln China Company was also used. Companies often used more than one name to offer an "exclusive" dealership to more than one customer in the same town. In the 1940s, Salem China Co., Sebring Pottery and American Limoges were all under the same management and all three companies had the same designer. Therefore, you will find duplications in patterns and designs.
After a dispute with the French Limoges company over use of the Limoges name, the name of the company was changed to American Limoges in 1949. The company made very fine quality semi-porcelain dinnerware until they closed in 1955.
There are quite a few marks for this company. A few words that you might see in a mark are; "peach-blo", "glo-peche", "blue willow", "candle-light", "triumph", "casino", "jiffy" and a picture of a fat chef, "peasantware", "Royal Maxarine", Made in U.S.A. Sebring, Ohio, Blue Willow, etc. but most all of the marks will have "Limoges", " Made In USA" in it. Manhattan, Diana and Triumph are the names of shapes.