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Blue Willow China and Crystal Replacement | Robbins Nest

Replacement china & crystal in Blue Willow china pattern made by several different potters.

Blue Willow was first offered almost two hundred yeas ago by a famous English maker of fine china. Blue Willow is still the most popular pattern to ever appear on dinnerware. The popularity of the pattern has not faded with time or life style changes as fads and fashions usually do. Blue Willow is as collectible today as ever and is still being made in England and in many countries around the world.

Blue Willow patterns made by various potters including Homer Laughlin, Churchill, Alfred Meakin, Allertons, Japan Fine China, Johnson Brothers, Myott, Royal China, Swinnertons (Royal Wessex) and others.

Blue Willow, The Legend...Once there lived a very wealthy mandarin who had a beautiful daughter named Hong Shee, who fell in love with her fathers secretary, a man named Chang. To keep them apart, the father imprisoned his daughter in the palace. One day she escaped, and the two lovers raced over the bridge to a waiting boat. They managed to elude the mandarin, reach the boat, and sail away. A storm developed; the boat foundered; and the couple were lost at sea. It is said that two love birds appeared immediately thereafter - the spirits of Hong Shee and Chang, and live on to this day.