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Eggshell Nautilus China, China Replacement, Homer Laughlin China

Eggshell Nautilus Replacement China, antique, collectible, china pattern made by Homer Laughlin China for your discontinued, tableware pattern.

Original Ad: Finest Quality, Lightweight Eggshell Dinnerware, 25% lighter in weight, yet 25% stronger. See 1937 Advertisement.

Eggshell Nautilus China Pattern 1937 - Nautilus Eggshell was the first Eggshell shape and was introduced in 1937. The Nautilus Eggshell shape is a traditional plain shape, very light weight with formal and informal decorations. The edges are thin and delicate and the texture is rich and uniform to emulate fine china.

Homer Laughlin, Eggshell Nautilus China, dinnerware, tableware, china patterns were produced from 1937 to 1950's. Eggshell Georgian and Eggshell Nautilus were the main shapes sold in the Add + A + Place plan.

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