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Original Ad for Homer Laughlin, Eggshell Nautilus China

Original Advertisement for the Eggshell Nautilus Shape by Homer Laughlin China.

A 1937 Homer Laughlin trade paper advertisement had the following to say about the new Eggshell ware:

The new Eggshell Nautilus embodies the results of many years of patient research and experimentation. A new mineral of amazing properties is used in its production. And because of this mineral and its method of application, Eggshell Nautilus combines three outstanding advantages never before brought together in a single ware. Eggshell Nautilus is extremely lightweight. As its name implies, it has the lightness of an eggshell, an exquisite texture and delicacy hitherto unknown in dinnerware. This lightness and delicacy combines with the skill and artistry of the ware's designers, the craftsmanship of its producers, to create a ware of unique and satisfying beauty. The same mineral, which gives Eggshell Nautilus its lightness, also gives it new strength and sturdiness, the ability to stand up under hard usage. And finally, this ware is absolutely craze-proof. Even under the most severe conditions, no cracking in the glaze occurs.

Homer Laughlin China, Eggshell Nautilus dinnerware, tableware patterns were produced from 1937 to 1950. Eggshell Georgian and Eggshell Nautilus were the main shapes sold in the Add + A + Place plan.
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