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Eggshell Nautilus China, Ferndale N1577 China Replacement

Eggshell Nautilus China, Ferndale Pattern N1577 replacement china, made by Homer Laughlin China in Newell, WV, USA.

Original Ferndale Ad read: Finest Quality, Lightweight Eggshell Dinnerware, 25% lighter in weight, yet 25% stronger. Like fine china in its thinner, lighter weight, this daintily decorated Eggshell semi-porcelain dinnerware contains Tromolito, a special mineral which gives it its lighter weight and its greater strength too...makes it more resistant to chipping and cracking. Highly glazed in smooth lustreous finish.

Delicately covered in pink and yellow roses on background of lovely floral sprays. Wide ivory border, usually found on only the finest china, genuine 22KT gold line on rim and gold color line on inner circle. Embossed rim gives the final touch artistocratic distinction to this deluxe quality dinnerware. Thoroughly inspected to insure only perfect pieces in every set. FOB Chicago - 32 piece set $6.19, 53 piece set $11.45, and 94 piece set $22.95.

eggshell nautilus ferndale dinner plate  Ferndale N1577 by Eggshell Nautilus
  Description: Pink and yellow roses, floral sprays, gold trim
  Status: Discontinued: 1937 - 50s
  Condition: Used; Good
  Ferndale N1577 was an exclusive Round the Clock pattern.
eggshell nautilus ferndale n1577 square salad plateferndale n1577 cup and saucerferndale n1577 backstamp

DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Covered Vegetable Bowl N1577cv 2 $114.99 Add to Cart
Covered Vegetable (no lid) N1577cv 1 $39.99 Add to Cart
Platter 15 1/2" oval N1577p15 0 $64.99 Sold
Platter 13 1/2" oval N1577p13 0 $37.99 Sold
Platter 11 1/2" oval N1577p11 6 $27.99 Add to Cart
Vegetable Bowl 10 1/4" oval N1577ov10 1 $44.99 Add to Cart
Vegetable Bowl 9 1/4" oval N1577ov 3 $34.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat w/Attached Stand N1577gr 2 $64.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat w/Stand (2 pieces) N1577gr2 1 $64.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat Stand/Relish 8 3/4" N1577grl 3 $34.99 Add to Cart
Sugar Bowl w/Lid N1577su 2 $34.99 Add to Cart
Creamer 10 oz N1577cr 3 $29.99 Add to Cart
Salt Pepper Shaker (set) N1577sps 2 $78.99 Add to Cart
Dinner Plate 9 7/8" N1577dp 0 $17.99 Sold
Luncheon Plate 9 3/8" N1577lp 15 $14.99 Add to Cart
Salad Plate 8" square N1577sp 0 $17.99 Sold
Salad Plate 8" round N1577sp 0 $11.99 Sold
Dessert Plate 7 1/4" N1577des 0 $9.99 Sold
Bread Butter Plate 6 1/8" N1577bb 22 $7.99 Add to Cart
Soup Bowl 8 3/8" rimmed N1577so 0 $14.99 Sold
Fruit Berry Bowl 5 1/4" N1577fr 11 $7.99 Add to Cart
Cup 2 1/2" and Saucer N1577cs 14 $14.99 Add to Cart
Cream Soup Saucer N1577crss 2 $17.99 Add to Cart
Platter 11 1/2" oval
(small chip beneath rim)
N1577p11 1 $17.99 Add to Cart
Vegetable Bowl 8 1/2" round
(small chip beneath rim)
N1577rv 1 $25.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat w/Stand
(light wear to inner trim on stand)
N1577gr 1 $54.99 Sold
Creamer 10 oz
(small chip on spout)
N1577cr 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Sugar w/Lid (finail has been repaired) N1577su2 1 $17.99 Add to Cart
Bread Butter Plate 6 1/8"
(small chip beneath rim)
N1577bb 1 $3.99 Add to Cart
Cream Soup w/Saucer (bowl shows some wear) N1577crs 1 $31.99 Add to Cart
Cereal Bowl Charmhouse
(shows some wear)
N1577cer2 1 $7.99 Add to Cart
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