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Frankoma Pottery, China Replacement, Dinnerware, Tableware

Frankoma Pottery, Replacement China, Discontinued china pattern Made in the USA.

Frankoma's Origin - The founder of the company, John Frank, came to Oklahoma in 1927 as an art and pottery teacher at the University of Oklahoma. Working on various geological digs, he discovered the rich clays of the region and set up a studio using a butter churn to mix the clay and a fruit jar to grind the glazes. It wasn't long until he left his teaching position to further his love for creating pottery, according to the company's Web site.

Frankoma was founded in 1933 in Oklahoma, USA and closed in 1991. See History on Frankoma Pottery. See more information at bottom of page.

Frankoma pieces made since 1954 sport a red clay from Sapulpa, Okla. in comparison to the older pieces formed with a tan colored clay dug at Ada, Okla. Using these source names of Sapulpa and Ada, along with glaze colors and item styles, collectors are able to identify and date Frankoma Pottery.

Frankoma's Inspiration and Colors - The Great Southwest served as inspiration for many Frankoma works. The factory formed pitchers shaped like wagon wheels, attractive boot-shaped vases and interesting Native American masks over the years. Even their dinnerware patterns have a western flair.

Two of their most recognizable glazes are named Prairie Green and Desert Gold. In fact, many people associate Frankoma entirely with their medium green glaze that seemed rather dated and unattractive until recently. Since both these colors were used extensively over the years, it's the type of clay used in the piece rather than the color of the glaze, which determines value in this instance.

Many of their works, such as their dated political mugs shaped like elephants and donkeys, feature a wide variety of colors. Other series pieces, including bicentennial plates, were also very colorful. And most of these pieces are still relatively affordable, even for the beginning collector. Information from Frank Talk About Frankoma Pottery.