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Hutschenreuther, Gray Rose

Haviland, Replacement China, Tableware, Table Setting

Haviland, China Replacement, china pattern by Johann Haviland, Theodore Haviland, France Limoges, Hutschenreuther, Tirschenreuth, Heinrich, Schirndling, and others.

Popular patterns Blue Garland, Moss Rose, Sepia Rose and many other discontinued patterns are available in the Johann Haviland China catalog.

Haviland China D.G. & D. Haviland & Company of New York, a china importing company, was created by David and Daniel Haviland in 1838. David moved to Limoges, France where he unwittingly reinvented the French fine china manufacturing process by both manufacturing and decorating whiteware blanks at the same location. Another brother, Robert, joined the company in 1852 and the name was changed to Haviland & Company.

There were, at one time, two Haviland brothers with individual china companies, which sometimes causes confusion. The American Civil War closed the original New York office in 1863. David's sons, Theodore and Charles Edward worked together in France, enjoying a great measure of success until 1891. At that time irreconcilable differences caused them to dissolve Haviland & Company. See more information at bottom of page:

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Charles Edward reopened Haviland & Company, but the Great Depression closed its doors in 1931. Theodore also opened his own porcelain factory, Theodore Haviland & Company, in 1936. He later bought the "designs, trademarks & rights" of Haviland & Company and restored the original name.

link to theodore haviland apple blossomMany popular Haviland patterns, such as Apple Blossom, are known for their delicate floral sprays. Also, some of the backstamps contain origin of manufacture names (New York or France) which can be helpful in identifying the time period in which the Haviland Company manufactured the pattern. Haviland China, made by several different potters, is among the most highly collected patterns world wide.