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Nautilus Lady Stratford

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Homer Laughlin China, China Replacement, discontinued china patterns including Eggshell Nautilus China, Eggshell Georgian China, Virginia Rose China, Rhythm, Republic, Cavalier shape and more.

The Homer Laughlin China Company began as a two-kiln pottery along the banks of the Ohio River in East Liverpool, Ohio. Ground was broke for the new pottery in the fall of 1873 and the first ware was produced in October 1874 under the name of Ohio Valley Pottery Company. Homer and his brother Shakespeare were the original owners, but Shakespeare withdrew in 1877. The pottery continued under the name of Ohio Valley Pottery, Homer Laughlin, proprietor until 1896 when the pottery was incorporated under the name of The Homer Laughlin China Company.

In 1905 the pottery began to move their operations across the Ohio River to the newly established town of Newell, West Virginia where it is still producing pottery under the leadership of the Aaron and Wells families.

This company is one of the largest china manufacturers in the USA. China replacements for your discontinued patterns are available in several shapes and patterns for your table settings. Dress up your table everyday with patterns from the HLC company. Patterns come in many shapes and colors, plain and decaled, to match any decor you have.

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China Industry Leaders to Partner in ‘Solidifying’ Move! Newell, WV, March 25, 2010 — Under an agreement reached today and effective immediately, the Homer Laughlin China Company and the Hall China Company will operate under common ownership...

  • Some of the patterns made by the HLC were distributed by Cunningham & Pickett, Lifetime China, Century Service, Household Institute, Vogue and other distributors. Sometimes you will see a double stamp on the backside of your china where a distributor overstamped the HLC stamp. Other times you may see one or the other, and sometimes none at all.