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Homer Laughlin China, Cavalier Eggshell China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Cavalier Eggshell, replacement china, discontinued china pattern made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Cavalier China Pattern 1953 - 1970's - The Cavalier shape was introduced in 1953 and was designed by Don Schreckengost to meet a need for a more formal shaped dinnerware, similar to the Eggshell Georgian and Eggshell Nautilus shapes. Cavalier has a wide band around the flatware; is easily recognized and is found with a variety of decorations.

Cavalier was sold to several different distributors over the years many of whom had their own backstamps. The Cunningham & Pickett operation is a good example of Homer Laughlin ware with another company´s backstamp. Sevron is a backstamp found on the Cavalier shape that was sold to Home Decorators Incorporated in the 1950s. Home Decorators also purchased the Blue Bell RY223 and Carousel RY251 decoration on the Rhythm, Blue Lace CV60 and the Fair Lady decoration on Cavalier. You may also find some Cavalier with the Lifetime China, and Century Service backstamp. Some Cavalier patterns used Brittany,Eggshell Nautilus, and Rhythm shapes to make up the set.

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