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Homer Laughlin China, Jepcor, Challenger China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Challenger replacement china made for Jepcor China.

The challenger shape was first made for Block China Company. The design was a collaborative effort of Dennis Newberry and Jerry Gullata of the Block China Company. It was a very difficult shape to execute. The shape did not work for the Block Company and it was sold to the Jepcor Company. This 1970s shape has narrow edge bands, single line stamp and a narrow mid band. It has a glaze on glaze technique, deorated with and without center decals. Information taken from Homer Laughlin China, Guide to Shapes and Patterns by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.

  • Known pieces made in the Challenger shape:
  • Covered Vegetable
  • Vegetable Bowl 8 1/8"
  • Chop Plate
  • Sugar w/Lid
  • Creamer
  • Covered Butter
  • Sauceboat and stand
  • Salt Pepper shakers
  • Dinner Plate 10"
  • Salad Plate 7 1/4"
  • Bread Butter Plate
  • Cereal Soup Bowl
  • Coffee Cup w/Saucer
  • Mug

We are currently out of stock in this pattern. If you need pieces to this pattern, send us an email specifing the pattern name or copy the url (webpage address) and paste into your memo to us. List the pieces you need and we will notify you when the pattern becomes available.
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