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debutante wildgrape d5 pattern

Homer Laughlin China, Debutante China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Debutante replacement china, discontinued china pattern made in Newell, West Virginia.

The Debutante shape released in 1950 is actually a member of an entire family of shapes, the first of which appeared as "Jubilee" in 1948 with solid color glazes. Shortly afterward, in keeping with the continuing experiments of HLC with different decorative schemes, another version of the basic shape was made which used colored clays to achieve a decorative effect. Two colors were used: "Skytone" used blue clay, while "Suntone" used brown. The unique handles on these were made of a snow white clay. Skytone and Suntone were further decorated with decals which were typical of the 50s. Debutante is not easily found in antique stores.