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Homer Laughlin China, Harmony Sets Late 30s China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Harmony Sets Late 30s replacement china, discontinued pattern made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

nautilus 260 pattern  Harmony Sets Late 30s - The Harmony sets, called Fiesta Foursome, are combined sets of the Fiesta ware and the Nautilus shape. "The Nautilus items were decorated with patterns which harmonize with the Fiesta color selected for that particular set." The decorated Nautilus items are from the regular line and are numbers N258 to go with yellow Fiesta, N259 to go with green Fiesta, N260 (shown in photo) to go with red Fiesta and N261 to fo with the Blue Fiesta.

See Ovenserve pieces, pattern OS150.

Information taken from Homer Laughlin China, Guide to Shapes and Patterns by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.