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Jubilee Pastels, China Replacements by Homer Laughlin China

Replacement China in the Jubilee Pattern Pastels made by Homer Laughlin China.

Jubilee dinnerware tableware was presented by Homer Laughlin in 1948 in celebration of their 75th year of ceramic leadership. Shapes were simple and contemporary. It was offered in four colors: Celadon Green (blue-gray), Shell Pink, Mist Gray, and Cream Beige and some floral patterns.

jubilee pink coffeepot   Jubilee Pastels by Homer Laughlin China
  Description: Simple and contemporary shape offered in four different colors
  Status: Discontinued: 1948 -
  Condition: Used, good
jubilee shell pink casserolejubilee gray covered casserolejubilee group

DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Shell Pink
Coffee Pot w/Lid JUBPcp 1 $64.99 Add to Cart
Teapot w/Lid JUBPtp 1 $74.99 Add to Cart
Chop Plate, 14 1/2" JUBPch 1 $44.99 Add to Cart
Luncheon Plate 9" JUBPlp 2 $11.99 Add to Cart
Bread/Butter Plate 6 1/8" JUBPbb 1 $7.99 Add to Cart
Pepper Shaker JUBPps 1 $10.99 Add to Cart
Celadon Green
Luncheon Plate 9" JUBGlp 3 $11.99 Add to Cart
Bread/Butter Plate 6 1/8" JUBGbb 1 $7.99 Add to Cart
Cup 2 1/8" with Saucer JUBGcs 3 $11.99 Add to Cart
Saucer JUBGsau 3 $3.99 Add to Cart
Soup Bowl 7 5/8" coupe JUBGso 0 $14.99 Sold
Salt Shaker JUBGs/ 1 $10.99 Add to Cart
Mist Gray
Covered Vegetable Bowl JUBGRcv 1 $54.99 Add to Cart
Coffee Pot w/Lid JUBGRcp 2 $54.99 Add to Cart
Creamer 10 oz JUBGRcr 1 $21.99 Add to Cart
Cup 2 1/8" JUBGRc 5 $7.99 Add to Cart
Bread/Butter Plate 6 1/8" JUBGRbb 8 $7.99 Add to Cart
Cereal Bowl 6" coupe JUBGRcer 0 $11.99 Sold
Saucer JUBGRs 0 $3.99 Sold
Cream Beige
Teapot w/Lid (nice and shiny) JUBCBtp 1 $64.99 Add to Cart
Luncheon Plate 9" JUBCBlp 1 $11.99 Add to Cart
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