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Kitchen Kraft, Oven Serve, Kitchenware

Homer Laughlin China, Kitchen Kraft, Ovenserve, Kitchenware discontinued pattern, made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

From the very early 1930s, Homer Laughlin China was the leading manufacturer of a very successful type of oven-to-table dinnerware. These lines were called Oven-Serve and Kitchen Kraft. The variety of items offered and the many patterns and decaled lines that were made represent an endless field of interest for collectors today.

OvenServe 1933 - OvenServe was introduced in 1933 and was designed by Fredrick Rhead. It consists of a comprehensive series of shapes designed for baking, broiling, chilling, freezing and otherwise preparing food. Various sizes of casseroles, pie plates, dessert dishes and baking dishes were made in OvenServe. In order to provide a perfect table settings, cups, saucers and three sizes of serving plates were produced. OvenServe was made in Orange (called Pumpkin by collectors), Melon Yellow, Ivory and Ivory with decorations. Quaker Oats ordered such huge quantities of OvenServe that the Homer Laughlin Company could not keep up and pieces such as ramekins and French casseroles were farmed out to Taylor, Smith and Taylor. It was a common practice for potteries to help each other out when they received very large orders. The OvenServe patent number 346,279 was on filed July 31, 1933.

Kitchen Kraft 1937 - Kitchen Kraft was introduced at the Merchandise Mart, Chicago Glass and Pottery Market on August 2nd, 1937. Kitchen Kraft was advertised as a sturdy, durable new graceful shape calculated to appeal to discriminating purchasers. Dipped in Fiesta colors of red, yellow, light green, cobalt, ivory and also ivory with colorful decorations. The Kitchen Kraft patent number 399, 815 was filed on November 15, 1937.

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