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Homer Laughlin China, Kraft Blue China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Kraft Blue replacement china, discontinued pattern made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Kraft Blue and Kraft Pink, aka Rope, 1937 - 1950s - Kraft shapes were sold to the F.W.  Woolworth Company in the early 1940s; however these shapes had been in production since 1937.  The Kraft Pink shape was discontinued by 1952 according to company records.  Woolworth´s number for the Kraft Pink was W241 and the Kraft Blue was W337.  Some decals were added in the 1950s to the Blue pieces.  Bittersweet pattern number GCM-101 was one of the patterns used.  The Kraft shape was first referred to as the "Rope" shape in the art department journals.

Pieces made included: Teapot, double eggcup, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, round vegetable 8 3/4", oval vegetable 9 1/2", platter 11 3/4", platter 13 3/4", ball creams, cream soup cup, soup bowl 8 5/8", oatmeal/cereal bowl 6 1/4", fruit berry bowl 5 3/4, dinner plate 10 1/2", luncheon plate 9 1/4", salad plate 7 1/2", bread butter plate, tea cup and saucer plain handle, and teacup rope handle.

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