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marigold w134 pattern

Homer Laughlin China, Marigold China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Marigold, replacement china made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Marigold China Pattern 1934 - The Homer Laughlin, Marigold shape, designed by Fredrick Rhead, was brought out by the Homer Laughlin company the same time as Virginia Rose and was overshadowed by the success of its competitor. The main features of the Marigold shape are the small-embossed fan like designs spaced around the rims.

Marigold used a special light-yellow glaze called Marigold Glaze. This was a low thermal expansion glaze originally developed for the "Ovenserve" line. It used oxides of uranium to achieve its unique color. With the advent of World War II, the uranium oxides became unobtainable, and the glaze formula was altered to use a mixture of oxides of iron and titanium to create the special color. This glaze was subsequently used on Virginia Rose as well.
Information from The Collectors Encyclopedia of Homer Laughlin China by Joanne Jasper.