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Homer Laughlin China, Swing Eggshell China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Swing Eggshell replacement china, discontinued pattern made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Swing 1938 - Swing was advertised as "Music in tableware, a new high-spirited shape to suit the tempo of the times. Swing is distinguished by its simple, modern, smooth-gliding lines and it dynamic, youthful appeal. It is made in the famous Eggshell, remarkable for its light weight, its delicacy and its craze-proof glaze. Simplicity and style are the keynotes of the Swing patterns." Mist Blue, Coral (also called Salmon) and Light Green glazes were applied to the graceful circular handles. Frederick Rhead designed the Swing shape. The Swing patent number 402,262 was filed on January 24, 1938.

The Swing Eggshell dinnerware, tableware shape was introduced in 1938 and was offered into the 50s. Swing was the third Eggshell shape Homer Laughlin produced. Swing pieces were used with most all of the Homer Laughlin shapes produced during this time period.