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Homer Laughlin China, Trellis China Replacement

Homer Laughlin China, Trellis replacement china, discontinued pattern made in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Trellis 1929 - Trellis is one of the several shapes of china designed for the Quaker Oats Company but was later sold to other companies. To keep up with the demand of sales to Quaker Oats, the Trellis shape was also produced by other potteries. Each potter was assigned a letter of the alphabet, usually the first letter of their pottery name to be added under the word "Trellis" as a backstamp. Trellis was produced in ivory, yellow and green solid color glazes as well as being decorated with a variety of decorations. Trellis is considered to be another of the Homer Laughlin rare dinnerware tableware shapes. I see very little Trellis and have had very few pieces for sale.

Information from Homer Laughlin China, Guide to Shapes and Patterns by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman. Click photos for list of available pieces

  • Teapot
  • Covered casserole
  • Cake Plate
  • Oval Vegetable bowl
  • Round Vegetable bowl
  • Sugar Bowl w/Lid
  • Creamer
  • Sauceboat
  • Platter, large
  • Platter, medium
  • Platter, small
  • Jugs open, five sizes
  • Dinner plate
  • Luncheon plate
  • Salad plate
  • Bread Butter plate
  • Deep bowl
  • Fruit Berry bowl
  • Soup bowl coupe
  • Teacup w/Saucer