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Homer Laughlin,"Wanted" Patterns

Patterns we are looking for.

Patterns we are always buying include most Homer Laughlin patterns, most Johann Haviland patterns, Enoch Wedgwood, Liberty Blue, and any of the blue bird patterns by any potter.

We will consider any pattern by any potter you may have or find but only if it is in good condition.  We do not have a market for pieces that have damage.  If you have an item you wish to sell, email Darryl

Some photos of other patterns and/or pieces we are looking for are listed at:   Dinnerware Tableware Wanted and Glassware Wanted
We will be adding patterns to the wanted pages as time permits.

Wanted!   We pay from 10% up to 50% of book value depending on popularity.  Some rare pieces may be worth more.   Click photos for larger view!

rhythm pattern

Any and all pieces made in this pattern!

4.  Nautilus Lady Stratford
nautilus lady stratford plate

Any and all pieces
2.  Century Hacienda
century, hacienda

Any and all pieces made in this pattern!
5.Century Mexicana
mexicana pattern

Any and all pieces
3.  Kwaker ?
picture of kwaker pattern wanted

Need 5 - 9 1/2" plates
6.  Wanted!
unidentified eggshell pattern

Any and all pieces in this pattern of Eggshell
7.  Virginia Rose
jj59 covered casserole
picture of jj59 jug picture of VR128 casserole
Virginia Rose JJ59 & VR128; any and all pieces especially serving items-Jugs, Butterdish, Salt/Pepper, Covered Casserole, 8" & 10" Bakers, 7", 8" and 10" Nappies, Serving Trays, Egg Cups, 8" Plates, 5" Deep Bowls, Cream Soup & Cream Soup Saucers, Onion Soup (Lug), Platter 10 1/2", Fast Stand Sauceboat, Coffee Mugs, Pie Plates, Bread Plate, Cake Plate, Cake and/or Pie Servers, Bowl 36s, St.  Dennis Cups, AD Cups and Saucers and all Kitchen Kraft Ovenserve pieces with these decals! I also want the Republic shape Butterdish with these decals
8.  Vogue VOG74!
picture of republic shape pattern

Any and all pieces with this decal or similar patterns. This was distributed by Vogue and is usually stamped Vogue.
10.  N1690
eggshell nautilus, N1690

Any and all pieces
9.  Nautilus Gold Grapes
picture of nautilus pattern
nautilus, green band with gold filigree
This pattern is a deep green 2" band around the outside, edged with a small gold band (app. 3/16").  Embedded in the dark green band are gold leaves, vines and grapes.
11.  Eggshell Nautilus N#1583
eggshell nautilus #1583 pattern
12.  Century w/Wells Backstamp Brair Rose
century brairrose pattern
13.  Wanted!
inidentifed cake plate and server

Wanted any or all pieces!
14.  Nassau
eggshell nassau

Any and all pieces.
15.  Empress Bird & Roses?
bird and flowers

Wanted any or all available pieces! Will consider all trim colors.
16.  Unidentified
unidentified shape picture of unidentified shape backstamp
This saucer was one of three pieces modeled in early 1936 for Woolworths.  Besides a saucer, a teacup and the 9" plate were also made.  This was supposed to have been a special line for silk screen decorations, but the line was never expanded beyond the three pieces and I could find no record that the shape went into production.  Since development was cut short, the line was not given a proper shape name.
17.  Liberty Dogwood
liberty dogwood pattern

Serving pieces & 10" plates
18.  Eggshell Georgian Primrose
eggshell georgian, primrose

Gravy Boat and Gravy Boat stand, Serving bowls, Serving platters & Dinner plates.
19.  Eggshell Nautilus ?
another unidentified eggshell pattern
20.  Liberty
bridal bouquet

Any and all pieces
21.  Eggshell Georgian Briarcliffe G3385
georgian eggshell pattern

Wanted: Sugar lid and fruit/berry bowl!
22.  Century Mexicali
century, mexicali

Any and all pieces.
25.  Century English Garden
century, english garden

Any and all pieces - Any color trim
23.  Century Ranchera
century, ranchero

Any and all pieces
26.  Century Conchita
century, conchita

Any and all pieces
24.  Spanish Wall
virginia rose, spanish wall

Any and all pieces
27.  Century Fruit
century, fruit pattern
28.  Century Weeping Willow
century, weeping willow
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