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Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, China Replacement, Dinnerware

Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, Replacement China, Discontinued China Pattern made in the USA.

One of the oldest names on American pottery, Knowles, Taylor, Knowles operated in East Liverpool, Ohio, beginning in the mid-1800´s, and remained in operation in East Liverpool until 1931.

Issac Knowles and Issac Harvey started a factory in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1854, after operating a store boat on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, which sold pottery, glass, and other staples. Their initial factory made yellow ware in a single kiln. Knowles bought out Harvey a couple of years later and operated the factory by himself from 1856 until 1870. In that year John W. Taylor (Isaac´s son-in-law) and Homer Knowles (one of Isaac´s sons) joined him to form Knowles, Taylor, Knowles. The company became quite large, employing 700 people by 1901. In 1929, KTK was one of eight companies which joined to form the ill-fated American Chinaware Corporation. With the failure of the American Chinaware Corporation, KTK vanished from the American pottery scene. During their 75 years of operation, KTK brought out not only a wealth of tableware, but the priceless Lotus ware as well.