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Enoch Wedgewood, Liberty Blue, China Replacement, Dinnerware.

Staffordshire, Liberty Blue replacement china, dinnerware tableware, made by Enoch Wedgwood in Staffordshire, England.

Staffordshire, Liberty Blue dinnerware tableware pattern was a 1976 promotional premium item made to tie in with the 1776-1976 bicentennial celebration of America´s Declaration of Independence from England. They were made by Enoch Wedgwood in the Staffordshire district of England, in the tradition of the 19th century Staffordshire historical blue china.

Liberty Blue dinner plate  Liberty Blue by Enoch Wedgwood; Staffordshire, England
  Description: China made for 1776-1976 bicentennial celebration of America´s Declaration of Independence from England. Historical scenes on each piece.
  Status: Discontinued: 1976
  Condition: Used - Pieces show little if any, signs of use

Liberty Blue dinnerware, tableware is one of the top patterns sought by collectors. A table set with Liberty Blue dishes reminds us of our American History. See Additional Information at bottom of page.

Prices for this pattern are rising rapidly. At the bottom of the table is a copy of an original grocery ad along with an original open stock price list/order form. I have also included a list of the pieces made in the Liberty Blue.
liberty blue coffeepot owned by joan atkinson

The blue on white Staffordshire ironstone depicts different Historic Colonial Scenes on each piece. The photo of the coffee pot above was sent to us by Joan Atkinson. The coffee pot appears to be authentic as it has the Liberty Blue stamp. We are not sure about the lid. If anyone can document this piece or if you have more information on this let us know. Are there other pieces out there?

Most all pieces in this pattern, if not in stock, can be backordered and be available within a couple of weeks. This option is available in our shopping cart. Join our mailing list to receive updates for this pattern and sale notifications.

DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Soup Tureen w/Lid, no ladle, "Bowl: Minutemen Answering First Call to Arms; Lid: Boston Tea Party" EWLBtur 2 $485.95 Add to Cart
Teapot 4 cup, "Minutemen Answering First Call to Arms" EWLBtp 2 $155.99 Add to Cart
Pitcher 32 oz., "Old North Church" EWLBpit 4 $155.99 Add to Cart
*Platter 20" (Rare), "Signing of the Declaration of Independence" (See Backstamp) EWLBp20 0 $445.99 Sold
Platter 14" "Washington Crossing the Delaware" EWLBp14 1 $85.99 Add to Cart
Platter 12" "Governor´s House Williamsburg" EWLBp12 3 $59.99 Add to Cart
Covered Vegetable Bowl, "Bowl: Boston Tea Party; Lid: Lafayette Landing at West Point" EWLBcv 0 $135.99 Sold
Vegetable Bowl 8 5/8" round, "Fraunces´ Tavern" EWLBrv 3 $55.99 Add to Cart
Vegetable Bowl, oval 9", "Minute Men" EWLBov 2 $55.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat w/Stand, "Stand: Governor´s House at Williamsburg; Boat: Lafayette Landing at West Point" EWLBgrl 4 $79.99 Add to Cart
Gravy Boat w/o Stand, "Lafayette Landing at West Point" EWLBgr 0 $45.99 Sold
Sugar Bowl w/Lid, "Betsy Ross, the Nation´s First Flag EWLBsu 5 $38.99 Add to Cart
Creamer, "Paul Revere´s Ride" EWLBcr 5 $29.99 Add to Cart
Butter Dish w/Lid, "Lafayette Landing at West Point" EWLBbd 0 $99.99 Sold
Salt Pepper Shakers (set), "Paul Revere´s Ride" EWLBsps 1 $45.99 Add to Cart
Pepper Shaker,"Paul Revere´s Ride" EWLBps 3 $23.99 Add to Cart
Coaster 4 1/4", "Old North Church" EWLBco1 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Coaster 4 1/4", "Independence Hall" EWLBco2 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Coaster 4 1/4", "Washington at Valley Forge" EWLBco3 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Coaster 4 1/4", "Fraunces Tavern" EWLBco4 0 $14.99 Sold
Dinner Plate 9 7/8", "Independence Hall" EWLBdp 36 $15.99 Add to Cart
Luncheon Plate 9", "Washington at Valley Forge" EWLBlp 0 $27.99 Sold
Salad/Dessert Plate 7", "Washington Leaving Christ Church" EWLBsp 4 $19.99 Add to Cart
Bread/Butter Plate 5 3/4", "Monticello, Thomas Jefferson´s Home" EWLBbb 8 $5.99 Add to Cart
Soup Bowl, flat rim 8 3/4", "Old North Church" EWLBso 11 $27.99 Add to Cart
Cereal Bowl 6 3/8", "Mt Vernon, George Washington´s Home" EWLBcer 13 $18.99 Add to Cart
Fruit/Berry Bowl 5", "Betsy Rose" EWLBfr 33 $7.99 Add to Cart
Mug 3 3/4", "Monticello" EWLBmug 1 $18.99 Add to Cart
Teacup with Saucer, Cup: "Paul Revere on Horseback" Saucer: "Old North Church" EWLBcs 12 $11.99 Add to Cart
Teacup "Paul Revere on Horseback" EWLBc 0 $7.99 Add to Cart
Saucer, "Old North Church" EWLBs 11 $3.99 Add to Cart
Coaster 4 1/4", "Ben Franklin" EWLBco 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Discounted Pieces
We have not attempted to clean the following pieces. Stain can usually be soaked out using a denture cleaner, degreaser or oxidol.
Butter Dish w/Lid, "Lafayette Landing at West Point" (Tray has stain) EWLBbd 1 $55.99 Add to Cart
Teacup with Saucer, Cup: "Paul Revere on Horseback" Saucer: "Old North Church" (Discounted age crazing on cup) EWLBcs 12 $6.99 Add to Cart
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List of pieces made in the Liberty Blue china pattern.
Inside "" is the name of the Historic Scene decal on piece.

*Note: This platter was not part of the original Liberty Blue but was made as an accessory piece after the Liberty Blue had been made.  No Declaration of Independence platter with the Liberty Blue backstamp was ever made that we are aware of!

The Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan was a a large financial institution in the Pacific Northwest, whose board of directors contacted Enoch Wedgewood to develop a unique pattern of dinnerware exclusively for them.  As an incentive to their customers, they offered pieces and place settings at reasonable prices, depending on the amount of money deposited; i.e. the first deposit of $50 dollars one was given a four piece place setting free.  Subsequent place settings could be purchased for $4.95.  Coasters with Benjamin Franklin´s picture, made exclusively for the Ben Franklin bank, were given away with each place setting purchased.  In October 1976, the Ben Franklin newsletter announced that account holders had only until the end of the year to obtain more Liberty Blue pieces at these special prices. (Antiques and Collectibles from Kaleden P1-2) Liberty Blue than became a grocery store promotional item for five additional years.

Click these Liberty Blue images below for larger view:
original liberty blue sale ad original open stock price list form staffordshire liberty blue ad staffordshire liberty blue original ad staffordshire liberty blue backstamp