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sculptured grape pattern

Metlox, China Replacement, Poppytrail, Vernonware & More

Metlox Potteries, Poppytrail, Vernonware Replacement China, antique, collectible, discontinued china pattern made in California, USA Poppytrail Division.

The beginning of Metlox Manufacturing Company dates back to 1927 when Willis and T. C. Prouty became interested in producing the ceramic portion of neon signs.
Metlox Manufacturing Company was incorporated in the state of California in 1933. The president of Metlox Manufacturing Company, Inc., was Willis Prouty, son of T. C. Prouty. Willis Prouty was responsible for Metlox´s Poppy Trail line that was introduced in 1934. He is also credited with patenting several machines that increased the speed and lowered costs of production.

The Company was re-organized in 1947 and in 1959, Poppy Trail became one word, Poppytrail. Metlox Manufacturing Company´s incorporation was terminated on January 4, 1988.

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