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Mikasa Fine China, China Replacement, Dinnerware Tableware Patterns

Mikasa Fine China, Replacement China, discontinued china patterns made in Japan and other countries.

Mikasa China Pattern - Mikasa China is not a manufacturer per se, but a distributor that has cultivated relationships with more than 150 manufacturers worldwide to produce its line of china, crystal, flatware and decorative accessories. The Mikasa name is often licensed to other companies, and appears on patterns made by Studio Nova/Savoir Vivre, Christopher Stuart, and Oscar de la Renta. Many older Mikasa china patterns also bear the name Narumi, a Japanese manufacturer. Mikasa, which translates as "The Company," was established in America in 1948. The company is based in Secaucus, New Jersey, and focuses on marketing and design of its products. There is a wide variety of Mikasa china and tableware available, including bone china, ceramics, stoneware, stainless flatware and casual and fine stemware.

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  • Palatial Gold L3234
    palatial gold l3234
  • Palatial Platinum L3235
    palatial platinum l3235
  • Parchment Blue L3472
    parchment blue l3472
  • Parchment L3438
    parchment l3438
  • Pastelle D6100
    pastelle d6100
  • Peony Splendor EJ905
    peony splendor ej905
  • Petunias EC401
    petunias wc401
  • Pine Cones L3275
    mikasa pine cones l3275
  • Platinum Lace L5613
    platinum lace l5613
  • Ponte Verda 2020M
    ponte verda 2020m
  • Potter´s Art
    potter´s art
  • Premiere
  • Primrose 8194
    primrose 8194
  • Provincial Villa Medici
    provincial villa medici cv900
  • Renaissance White 4900
    renaissance white 4900
  • Ribbon Holly CAF03
    ribbon holly caf03
  • Riviera CAN01
    riviera can01
  • Rosemead FX013
    rosemead fx013
  • Rosewood L5710
    rosewood l5710
  • Rose Lane 5352
    rose lane 5352
  • Royal M Evensong SP4
    royal m evensong sp4
  • Royal M Platinum Knight
    royal m platinum knight sp4
  • Salem 7146
    salem 7146
  • Salmon River P3006
    salmon river p3006
  • Santa Fe CAC24
    santa fe cac24
  • Seville A4101
    seville a4101
  • Shannon 6149
    shannon 6149
  • Shangri La D1001
    shangri la d1001
  • Silk Bouquet EC463
    silk bouquet ec463
  • Silver Fern FS750
    silver fern fs750
  • Silk Flowers F3003
    silk flowers fx003
  • Silver Moon CAP02
    silver moon cap02
  • Sorrento CAJ09
    sorrento caj09
  • Splendrous KA102
    splendrous ka102
  • Spring Floral 457
    spring floral 457
  • State House HL601
    state house hl601
  • Stone Glaze White MK401
    potters art, stone glaze white mk401
  • Stone Manor F5800
    stone manor F5800
  • Stublack 7911
    stylekraft stublack 7911
  • Studio Nova Deer Run
    studio nova deer run
  • Sumay 5741 (Eclipse)
    eclipse, sumay 5741 dinner plate
  • Summer Harvest CAO26
    summer harvest cao26
  • Summer Melody L9008
    summer melody l9008
  • Summertime EJ951
    summertime ej951
  • Sunland 3113-K1
    sunland 3113-k1
  • Susanne SL104
    susanne sl104
  • Synergy Black CW120
    synergy black cw120
  • Taboo Y2227
    taboo y2227
  • Tahiti E6853
    tahiti e6853
  • Tangent Black L9121
    tangent black l9121
  • Teddy's Christmas
    mikasa teddys christmas
  • Terra Stone
    terra stone
  • Tivoli D1000
    tivoli d1000
  • Tripoli 6173
    tripoli 6173
  • Tropez L5504
    tropez L5504
  • Venice 9266
    venice 9266
  • Viewpoint Black MK606
    viewpoint black mk606
  • Villa Trianon Cinnabar
    villa trianon cinnabar
  • Vincente 6129
    vincente 6129
  • Viva 3075
    cera stone viva 3075
  • Wedding Band Gold
    wedding band gold l9709
  • Wedding Band Platinum
    wedding band platinum l9704
  • Whole Wheat E8000
    whole wheat e8000 dx10
  • Winter Scene-DP008
    winter scene dp008
  • Woodside 5686
    woodside 5686
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