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NikkoChina Replacement, dinnerware, tableware

Nikko, replacement china, discontinued china pattern made in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Brief History: In 1905, in the city of Kanazawa, production of semi-porcelain dinnerware was attempted for the first time in Japan. Nihon Koshitsu Toki Co., Ltd. was established in 1908 by the former feudal lord family, Maeda and some prominent members of the community. In 1917 as a pioneer in the manufacture of semi-porcelain dinnerware, Nikko China started operations in Pusan, Korea to further upscale its production. Experiencing the ordeal of World War II, Nikko China's technology, fostered by its long course of history, came into bloom in the early sixties. See more at bottom of page.

In 1961, Nikko china moved its head office and plant to Ishikawa prefecture to set the integrated production line with modern equipment and facilities. With this move, Nikko China secured a position as a leading semi-porcelain dinnerware manufacturer. Anticipating the trend of the times and helped by its innovative technology, Nikko China has developed various kinds of materials such as fine bone china, fine vitrified china, fine porcelain, oven ware and decoration tile. Entering successfully into the hotel and restaurant ware market in the 80's was another stride of Nikko China. Continuous development of products satisfies various requirements of hoteliers and caterers around the world. In 1983 as an expression of determination to make further strides with the approach of the 21st century, a new corporate name was adopted from Nihon Koshitsu Toki Co., Ltd. to Nikko China Company. Nikko dinnerware have developed in parallel with the history of dinnerware in Japan and have been exported to America through Nikko Ceramics, Inc. since 1968. Nikko china today is manufactured in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand and is completely at home around the world.