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Noritake China, China Replacement, Dinnerware, Tableware

Noritake China Replacement; discontinued china pattern/s with hundreds of pieces available for your favorite pattern.

Noritake China Pattern - Noritake has been in business since 1904 and is still making high quality china today for all occassions. Noritake China was founded as The Noritake Company in 1904 by the Morimura family, which also produced white porcelain under the company Morimura Gumi, a pioneer in Japan’s foreign trade industry. Prior to 1963, the company was known as Nippon Toki Kaisha, Ltd. but was then given the English name Noritake Company, Ltd. See more information at bottom of page.

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Noritake takes its name from the village of Noritake in Nagoya City, Japan, where the principal company office was located. Early Noritake china dinnerware featured the "Hand Painted Nippon" design around the familiar wreath-circled "M" (which stands for Morimura) on the backstamp of most pieces. "Noritake" appears on backstamps of other pieces, with either "Japan" or "Made in Japan" present on most of these. The United States has always been the largest customer of Noritake China, and the U.S. helped Noritake stay in business following World War II. Noritake China was called Rose China from 1945 to 1948, because of concern that a shortage of raw materials and skilled labor would affect their high quality standards. In 1956 Noritake China began to diversify its product line with the addition of stainless steel flatware. Crystal glassware was added in 1961, and earthenware and stoneware were added in 1971. Today Noritake china is known throughout the world for its quality and elegant design.   Information taken from China Finders.