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Norleans China, China Replacement, dinnerware, tableware

Norleans China, replacement china, discontinued china pattern, made in Japan.

Meito produces mostly dinnerware and manufactures four major lines: Orleans; Windsor; Empire; and Asama. A variant of Orleans, Norleans has been noted for its cutting-edge, modern design. The vast number of Meito patterns reflect the rich traditions of both East and West. Meito's parent company, Narumi Seito Narumi, continues to manufacture fine bone china and porcelain today.

The Orleans pattern represents a transition to something more modern. Plates rise in three tiers and carry decorations that tend to be more delicate than those found on the Windsor, Empire and Asama lines. Floral patterns appear somewhat more Asian, and simple medallions sometimes appear in the center of the dishes. The Norleans line constitutes a departure from tradition, with its single, steep rise in the middle of the plate and a wide, basically flat, rim that occupies up to half the plate's surface. Decoration is typically simple. Orleans patterns include Dexter, Pastelle and Adele, with Norleans featuring its own version of Adele, as well as Garden Rose and Livonia.