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Tips on Caring for Pfaltzgraff

Tips on Caring for Pfaltzgraff

Pfaltzgraff stoneware and earthenware can take constant kitchen and dining use for many years. As with all quality products, a little special care will care will keep it looking brand new.

Stoneware is safe for use in the oven, dishwasher, freezer and microwave, and is highly chip resistant.

Pfaltzgraff earthenware is conventional oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. Earthenware may be used in an oven no higher than 350 degree F.  Do not use earthenware in the microwave.

Because of the kiln-firing process, the bottom, or "foot," of some stoneware and earthenware remain unglazed and can be rough.   To smooth, simply rub the rough bottom of two pieces together, or sand lightly with fine sandpaper.

To protect fine wood or glass tables, a placemat, tablecloth or trivet is recommended.
Stoneware and earthenware can crack if subjected to rapid temperature changes.   It should not be placed directly on a burner, in a broiler, or on a wet surface when it is hot.  Allow it to warm or cool to room temperature between temperature changes, never directly from the freezer to the oven or oven to freezer.

Use a padded mitt when removing stoneware or earthenware from the oven. Use caution, it can be extremely hot.

To soak baked-on food, fill the piece with warm soapy water and set aside.  Dont allow it to sit in a sink full of water, or the unglazed foot will absorb water, and the piece may then crack if subjected to heat.  Always wash and rinse after using.  A solution of 50% bleach and 50% water should remove any stains that do occur.  We find Oxyclean also works quite well.

The surface of stoneware is so hard that sometimes the rubbing of eating utensils (that are made of a "softer" material) across the hard surface can cause black marks to appear.  Pfaltzgraff Cleaner is specially formulated to remove these metal marks with minimal effort.  Pfaltzgraff Cleaner may be used to clean both stoneware and earthenware.  Abrasives should never be used to clean Pfaltzgraff even though Comet cleaner with bleach works well if used properly.

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