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cowslip china pattern s173 by spode

Spode China, China Replacements, Tableware Patterns

Replacement China in the Spode Discontinued China Patterns Made in England.

Spode China - A Short History - Spode Transfer Printed Ware - Josiah Spode, founder of the famous factory, was born on 23rd March 1733 in a village that is now part of Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, nicknamed the Potteries. By the time Josiah Spode was seven years old, because the family were so poor, his father died had to be buried in a pauper's grave.

At age sixteen he was apprenticed to Thomas Whielden, one of the best potters in Stoke. He stayed there until he was twenty-one then worked for William Banks, another well respected potter. He established his own pottery aound 1770 later acquiring sole ownership of the present factory in 1776. See more information at bottom of page

Copeland Joins the Business - In 1784 the younger Josiah in London employed William Copeland in London as a salesman. He became a partner in 1805 and managed the business from 1812. In 1822 the company changed its name to Spode and Copeland. William Taylor Copeland, son of William Copeland, became a partner in 1824 and sole owner of the entire business in 1833.

Josiah Spode the younger died in 1827 and his own son died just two years later.

After the deaths of the original Josiah Spode's son and grandson, the Spode family had no further connection with the factory and it remained in the Copeland family until 1966. During much of the 20th century the company dropped the Spode name but it was reinstated in 1970 on the commemoration of its founding.