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steubenville horizon pattern

Steubenville Pottery, China Replacement, American Dinnerware

Steubenville, Replacement China, discontinued china pattern Made in the USA.

Steubenville Pottery 1879 - 1959 - The Steubenville Pottery was organized in 1879 in Steubenville, Ohio. By 1881, the Steubenville business had grown and the pottery was incorporated. The business continued to grow and H. D. Wintringer became president of the board of directors. The Wintringer name continued to be an important name at the Steubenville operation. The Pottery closed its doors in 1959.

The buildings were sold to a chemical company and the Cannonsburg Pottery in Canonsburg, PA purchased the Steubenville molds. Some "Rose Point" and "Adam Antique" was made after 1959 or stock-on-hand was sold under the Steubenville label at Canonsburg, PA. A line called "Partio" was also sold in 1965 under the Steubenville name. Woodfield and Russel Wrights "American Modern" line are Steubenvilles most readily recognized patterns. "American Modern" molds were not included in the sale to Canonsburg.