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taylor smith taylor jamacia pattern

Taylor Smith & Taylor, China Replacement, American Dinnerware

Taylor, Smith and Taylor replacement china, discontinued, collectible china pattern, made in the USA.

The Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pottery was founded in 1899 by C. A. Smith and Col. John N. Taylor, using the facilities of the Taylor, Smith & Lee Pottery. TS&T began operations as a nine-kiln pottery employing approximately 50 people. In the early days of production only local clays were used. Later, TS&T bought clay from Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. TST´s plant was the largest and most automated in the United States. More than 50,000 dozen pieces were produced per week by the firm´s 500 employees.

In 1903 the Taylor interests were purchased by W. L. Smith and his son. The firm remained under the Smith ownership and management until early 1973 when the plant was purchased by Anchor Hocking Corporation to become the foundation of its Pottery Division.

For many years both earthenware and fine china bodies were used. The Lu Ray Pastels was one of TS&T most popular lines. The china body was discontinued in the early 1970´s. TS&T closed in 1981.

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