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Villeroy & Boch, China Patterns, dinnerware tableware

Replacement China in the Villeroy & Boch, Discontinued China Patterns, made in Germany.

Villeroy & Boch 1748 - 2010 Villeroy & Boch is a large manufacturer of ceramics with the company headquarters located in Mettlach, Germany.

The company began in the tiny French village of Audun le Tiche, where François Boch set up a pottery company with his three sons in 1748. Later, the company moved to nearby Luxembourg, where it operated a porcelain factory until 2010. In 1801 the company moved to the nearby town of Mettlach, Germany. On 14 April 1836, the Jean François Boch company merged with that of a competitor, Nicolas Villeroy, and became Villeroy & Boch, V&B (also simply 'VB').

While the company is no longer run by a family member with the present Group Chairman of Villeroy & Boch being Frank Goering, there are however various family members presently working in the company. Since 1990 the company has been listed on the German stock market, ticker symbol VIB3, but the voting capital is still in the hands of the family descendants. The company's Luxembourg factory was closed down in 2010.