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Virginia Rose China, China Replacement, Homer Laughlin China

Virginia Rose China, Replacement China, discontinued, antique and collectible china pattern made by Homer Laughlin China Co. in Newell, WV, USA.

Virginia Rose China Pattern 1933 - The Virginia Rose has embossed roses spaced around the rim and was produced on a white or yellow glazed body. Hundreds of different decorations (estimated by Mr Ed Carson of the Homer Laughlin Company to be 150) were used on the Virginia Rose shape from its introduction in 1933 until well into the 1960s. Virginia Rose was designed by Fredrick Rhead and was named after a granddaughter of Mr. W. E. Wells. The shape was well received by the consumer and an entire plant (#8) was built to accommodate its production. Virginia Rose continues to be a popular shape with collectors. Virginia Rose China, Moss Rose JJ59 had one of the longest run spans in the Homer Laughlin history. - Information received from Jo Cunningham.

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