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Replacement Crystal in the Blenko Handmade Art Glass, Vintage Glass available at Robbins Nest.

blenko art glass  Blenko Art Glass Fluted 50s, 60s - Pattern B-AG #3744.

Blenko Glass Company was founded in 1893 by William J. Blenko. - Brief history of Blenkos Historical Glass - (information from Blenko)

Some things dont change much, like making glass by hand. Blenko Glass Company has been doing it since 1893. After over 100 years of business, we are perhaps the only glass makers in the U.S. to have been in business long enough to be called upon to restore our own work.

Blenkos glass can be found throughout the United States in windows, lighting fixtures, floors and sidewalks. A few of the more notable locations are the U.S. Capitol, the Washington National Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and Colonial Williamsburg.

Blenko is uniquely able to furnish the historical glass community with glassware items on a turnkey basis. All we need is a good set of drawings.

Our shop is staffed by some of the finest glassworkers anywhere, some of whom have over 45 years of experience. At any given time we have some 20 tons of clear and colored molten glass on hand, ready to work. Diversity has been key to our success and we can make it work for you.

The original name of the company was Eureka Glass Company. It was called this because William J. Blenko spent years trying to find a ruby red sheet glass that would not change colors when painted and fired. When he developed this color, he threw his arms in the air, and said "Eureka, Ive found it!" Hence, the name Eureka. In 1923, his 26-year-old son William H. Blenko Sr., with wife Marion and two-year-old son William Jr. joined him in Milton. This is when the factory really took off.

Blenko Glass Company, Inc., P.O. Box 67, Fairgrounds Road, Milton, WV 25541, Phone: (304) 743-9081, Toll Free Phone: (877) 425-3656, Fax: (304) 743-0547

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