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Cris D Arques/Durand, Crystal, Glassware Replacements

Replacement Crystal Glassware Patterns made by Cris D´Arques/Durand in France.

ARC International, distributor located in New Jersey - Cris D Arques/Durand Crystal, is the world's #1 crystal and glassware maker. The company makes a variety of products, from mass-produced tableware and professional cookware to upscale stemware and luxury items. Its brands include Arcoroc, Luminarc, Salviati, Crystal d'Arques, Studio Nova, and Mikasa, and it sells its products to caterers and through department stores, supermarkets, and specialty retailers in about 160 countries. Founded in the French town of Arques in 1825, ARC International has been owned by the Durand family since 1916.