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Fenton Glass replacement including Amberina, Feather, Millenion, Priscilla, Ruby, Hobnail, Milkglass and more, made in Williamstown, West Virginia, USA.

Fenton Glass: Fenton Glass was founded in 1905 by Frank and John Fenton. Originally located in Martins Ferry, Ohio, two men moved the business to Williamstown, West Virginia, where they built their own glassworks company. For many years, the company was known for its carnival glass, also known as Iridill. This product was shown at a trade show in 1907 and was an instant hit. This glass became one of Fenton Glass's main products. See more information below. Also see Carnival Glass

The Fenton Glass company prides itself on its handmade glass, which is always made from products of the highest quality. All of their molds were handmade and based on the original designs of John Fenton. In fact, even the barrels that contained the glass during shipment were made by Frank and John Fenton. Fenton Glass products were shipped all over the country, with their biggest customers being Woolworth's and McCrory's. During the Depression, the focus of Fenton Glass changed. No longer were they creating expensive, handmade pieces of glass. Instead, they began creating household items, such as tableware, mixing bowls, and perfume bottles. Eventually, they began creating milk glass, a product that became their best selling item over the years.Fenton Glass is still producing glass products today. Some of their high-end products include glass figurines, which they have created to show off their craftsmanship. These items, available in a wide range of rich colors, are now popular collectors' items.