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Tom and Jerry, Currier & Ives Glassware Replacements by Hazel Atlas Glass

Replacement Pieces available for the Tom & Jerry Currier & Ives Holiday crystal pattern made by Hazel Atlas Glass in the USA.

tom & jerry currier and ives eggnog set  Tom & Jerry, Currier & Ives by Hazel Atlas
  Status: Discontinued:
  Condition: Used
Enjoy your eggnog or holiday punch in a set pleasing to the eye.
currier and ives eggnogRecipe for Tom and Jerry - Ingredients: 12 eggs,1 cup sugar,1 bottle brandy, pinch of ground allspice, pinch of ground cinnamon, pinch of ground cloves,1 bottle rum (dark), milk, and nutmeg.
Instructions: Separate the eggs. Beat the whites until they form a stiff froth, add the yolks (to which you have added the sugar) "until they are as thin as water", as the professor advises, gradually adding 4 oz. brandy (spiceaholics will also add a pinch each of ground allspice, cinnamon, and cloves). Fold the whites into the yolks. When ready to serve, give it another stir and then put 1 tablespoon of this batter in a small mug or tumbler. Now add 1 oz. brandy (although some prefer bourbon) and 1 oz. rum, stirring constantly to avoid curdling. Fill to the top with hot milk and stir until you get foam. Sprinkle a little grated nutmeg on top. This one may require practice and certain amount of fiddling, but it's well worth the effort. Note: Some people find the milk too rich and filling, so they use half hot milk, half boiling water.
Tom and Jerry's are a traditional Christmas time cocktail in the United States. It was devised by sports writer Pierce Egan in the 1820's.
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