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Indiana Glass, Glassware and Crystal Replacements

Indiana Glass glassware and crystal pattern replacements, Made in the USA.

Snippets about Indiana Glass - The Beatty - Brady name was changed to the Indiana Glass Company and Indiana Glass was officially established in 1907. Located in Dunkirk, IN. - Ceased operation on November 26, 2002.

The Indiana Glass Company made pressed, blown glassware, lamps and press molded decorative plates and bowls. Indiana Glass is believed to be the longest producer of "Goofus Glass". The main buyers for Goofus Glass were businesses, not household consumers. Businesses bought the stuff by the barrels full as premium gifts for customers. Make a purchase, get a piece of Goofus Glass! Businesses continued to give it away for many years.

In 1957, the Lancaster Glass Corporation purchased the Indiana Glass Company. Lancaster Glass owned several glass companies including Colony Glass. Colony Glass was having great success with their Harvest Pattern milk glass line. It was so successful they could not keep up with the demand. Some of the Harvest molds were moved to the Indiana Glass Factory to be retooled for machine use. Indiana Glass was soon producing great quantities of Harvest pattern milk glass. It was packaged and sold under the Colony Glass name.