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L E Smith Glass, Crystal, Glassware Replacements

L E Smith Glass crystal pattern replacements made in the USA.

L.E. Smith Glass Company is located in Mount Pleasant Township, about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh, where an historical culture of handmade glass is still maintained today in our Pennsylvania factory.
When founder L.E. Smith bought this glass company in 1907, it was the first industrial development program of the region. L.E. Smith utilized the areas local resources such as silica sand, natural gas, coal, and highly skilled glass makers to make some of the finest quality glass products in the United States. All of our glass is made right here in the United States of America. We use the best of everything to bring you a product that has resonance, clarity, brilliance and beauty. With our proudly named new owner, William Kelman, L.E. Smith Glass Co. will be able to bring people all over the world products that our nation has enjoyed for nearly a century. L.E. Smith Glass and its staff are now working harder than ever to bring you our finest handcrafted products. We want you and generations to come to be proud to say,“I bought it from L.E. Smith”!