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Robbins Nest, Glassware - Wanted

Patterns we are always buying include most Homer Laughlin patterns, most Johann Haviland patterns, Enoch Wedgwood, Liberty Blue, and any of the blue bird patterns by any potter.

To become a supplier for Robbins Nest, send a list of pieces and how many pieces you have in each pattern for sale. If you do not know the pattern, send a photo showing the pattern and a photo of the backside showing the backstamp if available.

Wanted! See photos for patterns we are looking for. We pay from 10% up to 50% of book value depending on popularity. Some rare pieces may be worth more.

We will consider any pattern by any potter you may have or find. We will be adding patterns to the wanted pages as time permits.

If you have an item you wish to sell, email Sell to Us Thanks!

Wanted Crystal Patterns
Rose in Snow Pattern
Pressed Glass Rose in Snow Pattern
Snow Pattern detail
Pressed Glass Rose in Snow Pattern detail
Queen Esther Clear with frosted rose decal-gold trim
Queen Esther
Queen Esther detail
Queen Esther detail
Johann Haviland, Sepia Rose
Johann Haviland, Sepia Rose
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