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Packing Instructions for Fragile, Breakable Items that will withstand rough handling by carriers.

Preserve our Heritage! Pack your china and crystal to arrive at the intended destination undamaged.

Approved by Ups and the Post office

Arts & Crafts stores, appliance stores, gift shops etc. will give you good packing material free for the asking.  I love the big styrofoam sheets we get from appliance stores.  You can cut this to fit the boxes and use as the inner padding and also for the padding between the boxes.  Candle boxes are great for cups, glasses etc.
We wrap each piece individually using bubble wrap.
Place all like kind flat pieces together and tape.
Example: all dinner plates together, all salad plates together, etc.

Wrap each piece individually.  Place all flat pieces in bottom of a sturdy box that has at least 2 inches of padding on all sides.  Graduate size from largest to smallest.  Use plenty of padding to insure china cannot move in box.  We use peanuts but crumbled newspaper, foam etc. will work if you use enough of it.  Place bubble wrap or piece of cardboard on top of the flat pieces.

Tape all hollowware together of like kind (cereal bowls, fruit bowls, serving bowls, etc.).  Place on top of cardboard and pad well to keep from moving.

Add bubble wrap or another sheet of cardboard on top of these.  Your cups will go on top of this, top down.  Cut strips of cardboard (or use candle boxes for the cups) to separate the cups.  Again, insure that the padding is sufficient to prevent any moving.  Add padding to this to fill the box.  Padding should be at least two inches on all sides.  Tape box.  Place this box into a larger box and pad all sides between the boxes.  The big sheets of styrofoam are great for the padding and for the padding in between the boxes.

Teapots, coffeepots, casseroles, creamers, sugars etc., should be put in a box by themselves, with padding on all sides.  You can add these boxes in spaces left in other boxes or ship separately.  I prefer to ship separately.  If shipping separately, you can usually find a box that all the serving pieces (boxes) will fit in) Again, pad all sides well inside first box and in between boxes.  See Photo.
photo showing double boxing fragile items
This is easier once you do this a few times.

Hint - Plates: lay your wrap out flat, place a plate on top, fold over wrap, add another plate, fold over wrap, etc. etc.

We do not ship anything over 20 to 24 pounds in one box.  Packages weighing more are more likely to be damaged.

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