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OUR STORY - Darryl & Becky Robbins

Our Story, April, 1997 - Darryl & Rebecca Robbins by Rebecca Robbins

The family that prays together, stays together.

Darryl and I enjoy life in its fullness. We have four children, one son and three daughters. We also raised our nephew, Amos, whom we love as one of our own. We have eleven wonderful grandchildren, five grandaughters and six grandsons and a two beautiful great grandaughters.

I love antiques and collectibles and after being overcome with them decided to go into business on the internet. After much coaching, Darryl has decided he likes dishes too!

We are a small family business and are really just getting started but we love every minute of it. Our oldest daughter, Karen ran the business for us till 2010. She left the business to teach special ed and is surely missed. We all are learning more and more about china and crystal as time passes. We strive to keep happy customers as customers keep us in business.

Most of our china is in storage but we do manage to get items out for customers who want to come and see for themselves. It is impossible at this time for all our merchandise to be displayed as we are limited in space. Of course, I have a dream of a Christian Antique Mall with plenty of space.

Darryl is also in the ministry and that is where his heart is. To see Darryl at his best, you must hear him speak of the wonders of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Darryl & Rebecca Robbins
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Darryl was ordained into the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at the young age of 19 and spent several years pastoring churches in this denomination. Still very hungry for more of God and finding less and less in the denomination, Darryl left the denomination so that he could tell people that the God of today is still the one and the same as the God in the early New Testament Church. Darryl has since been ordained by Bro. Millard Littlefield of Cleveland, TN since he left the Presbyterian church.

We have been blessed tremenously in the ministry and have seen some marvelous works of God. I had a terrible car accident in 1974 and according to all medical science, I am not supposed to be living today. But God through His mercy and grace restored me to the point that I am today. No one can tell ME that God does not perform miracles.

We long for the day when more and more people can hear the gospel that does not put limitations on our Lord, our God, and our Saviour.

We love people and long for the day to be able to do the things we have visions for in the ministry. We find that most churches are lacking in compassion for the lonely, hurting people in our country. We do not believe in condemnation, and refuse to judge others. That is Gods business. We do believe in lifting up hurting people and letting them know that we care, but most of all, HE CARES.

There are two words that help heal and sustain relationships more quickly than all others: "I'm sorry"...

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