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Roseville Pottery Patterns, Shapes and Brief History Information

Replacement Pottery in the Roseville Pottery patterns, made in Zanesville Ohio.

Roseville Pottery 1890 - 1954, Zanesville, Ohio: The Roseville Pottery Company was founded in 1890. Roseville initially produced simple utilitarian ware such as flower pots, stoneware, umbrella stands, cuspidors, and limited painted ware. In 1900, Roseville Rozane became the first high quality art pottery line produced by Roseville.

In 1904, Frederick Rhead became art director for Roseville pottery. Rhead was responsible for the production of scarce art pottery lines such as Fudji, Crystalis, Della Robbia, and Aztec. Frederick's work can also be seen in other potters ware. Rhead designed the Homer Laughlin China, Fiesta line.

In the early teens as demand for the more expensive, hand-crafted art pottery declined Roseville pottery shifted production to more commercially produced pottery. Roseville's ability to nimbly adapt to market conditions was one of the potteries' greatest attributes as Roseville was continually able to produce the most popular patterns and styles compared to their immediate competitors. Roseville went out of business in 1954.

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roseville, poppy center piece  Pattern: Poppy
  Description: Poppy bloom, green foliage on brown/yellow body
  Status: Discontinued:
  Condition: Used; Has original sticker
  Fill with your favorite flower arrangement and display on dining table or use as console bowl
roseville, poppy original stickerroseville, poppy backstamp
- Centerpiece 3365, 7" x 3" RSVPOPcp 1 $264.99 Add to Cart
roseville, peony sienna brown wall pocket  Pattern: Peony Sienna Brown
  Description: Yellow flowers, green foliage on brown/green body
  Status: Discontinued: 1942
  Condition: Used; One of these has been broken and glued; well worth the money to have professionally repaired.
roseville, peony sienna brown hanging roseville, peony sienna brown backstamp
- Wall Pocket Vase 1293-8, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", set RSVPEOYwp 1 $299.99 Add to Cart
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