Acker's, Blue Garland by Johann Haviland, China Replacements

Acker's, Blue Garland, China replacements made in Bavaria Germany by Johann Haviland.

Johann Haviland China was made at the Waldershof factory until the late 1980s. Only a few hundred of the thousands of Haviland patterns produced were given names by the manufacturers. Sometimes common names have been given to patterns by collectors and later writers.

johann haviland china blue garland dinner plate  Blue Garland by Johann Haviland China; Bavaria Germany
  Description: Pompadour shape; small blue roses on outside edge and center; platinum trim
  Status: Discontinued: 1937 - 1960s - See Bavaria backstamp
  Condition: Used; Little if any sign of use, looks new
johann haviland blue garland 3 qt dutch oven Most all pieces in this pattern, if not in stock, can be backordered and be available within a couple of weeks. - Also See Blue Garland Traditions, Matching Crystal &, Matching Cookware.

DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Platter 15" oval JHBGpl5 0 $75.99 Sold
Platter 13 5/8" oval JHBGpl3 0 $65.99 Sold
Sugar w/Lid JHBGsu 0 $35.99 Sold
Creamer JHBGcr 0 $28.99 Sold
Dinner Plate 10" JHBGdp 0 $14.99 Sold
Bread/Butter Plate 6 1/4" JHBGbb 8 $4.99 Add to Cart
Soup Bowl 7 5/8" JHBGso 8 $17.99 Add to Cart
Fruit/Berry Bowl 5 1/4" JHBGfr 8 $5.99 Add to Cart
Coffee Cup w/Saucer
(no inner platinum ring on saucer)
JHBGccs 8 $17.99 Sold
Metal Dutch Oven 3 qt., w/Lid JHBGdo3 1 $69.99 Add to Cart
Metal Sauce Pan 2 qt., 7 3/4" w/Lid JHBGsp2 1 $49.99 Add to Cart
Metal Saucepan 1.5 qt., 6 3/4" w/Lid JHBGsp1.5 1 $39.99 Add to Cart
Metal Skillet 10" w/Lid JHBGski10 1 $49.99 Add to Cart
Metal Skillet 8 1/2" w/Lid JHBGski8 1 $35.99 Add to Cart
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