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D'Arceau Limoges, Lafayette Legacy Collectible Plates, Book and Certificates

Lafayette Legacy Series, Collectible Plates complete with book and certificates.

Lafayette Legacy 1777 - 1783
Plates by D'Arceau France Limoges
  Status: Discontinued:
  Condition: In original boxes. Book (signed by author), Plates and certificates are in excellent condition. We are including "Celebration of the Triumphal Return" as a bonus with this purchase.
lafayette in america 1777 1783 by louis gottschalk  lafayette print  lafayette certificates  lafayette literature 
lafayette signs secret enlistment  landing at north island  lafayette invited to join washington  lafayette wounded at battle of brandywine 
lafayette delivers message to franklin  lafayette at the seige of yorktown  celebration of the triumphal return 
Price includes all merchandise shown plus a bonus boxed plate "Celebration of the Triumphal Return".   $155.   Sold   Check Out
  • Plate I: #604: ”The Marquis de Lafayette in December 1776 signs secretly his establishment in the Army of the Insurgents in the presence of Silas Deane, the American Agent.”
  • Plate II: #701: ”The Marquis de Lafayette accompanied by the Baron De Kalb disembarks from his ship "Victoire" the 13th of June 1777, at North Island in South Carolina.”
  • Plate III: #509: ”After a dinner at the City Tavern of Philadelphia, the 13th of July 1777, George Washington invites the Marquis de Lafayette to join his General Staff.”
  • Plate IV: #909: ”The 11th of September 1777, the Battle of Brandywine, the Marquis de Lafayette wounded in the leg, encourages and flings his men into the attack.”
  • Plate V: #812: ”Lafayette remits messages from congress to Benjamin Franklin, American Minister, in February 1779, at the Hotel Valentinois, in Passy.”
  • Plate VI: #415: ”Lafayette with Washington and Rochambeau at the Siege of Yorktown in October, 1781, forces Englishman Cornwallis into surrender (the capitulation).”
  • Plate VII: #351: We are also including the Celebration of the Triumphal Return as a bonus.

Issued at the behest of the L'Esprit de Lafayette Society, the Lafayette Legacy Plate Collection commemorates the establishment of the United States of America and the role played in that establishment by Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquise de Lafayette, who stood above all others of his time in the multi-national pursuit of political liberty and united the hearts of French and American Citizens in its cause for the generations to come.

This edition portrays six single moments in Lafayette's American Revolutionary War career in original art by Andre'Restieau, O.L.P., on D'Arceau-Limoges porcelain fired to the Grellet Standard of 1773.

The allegoric border design or frieze by Restieau was taken from the carvings of the solid gold hilt of the Sword of Honor commissioned by the Congress of the United States and presented to General Lafayette in 1779.

This collector's plate commission is the first ever accepted by either the artist or the porcelain house and the first ever granted by the L'Esprit de Lafayette Society for a commemorative art-object of any kind. No comparable edition will be issued for the next one hundred years.

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