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Maddock's Lamberton Works Royal Porcelain Replacement Tableware

Replacement Tableware in the Maddock's Lamberton Works Royal Porcelain pattern made in Trenton NJ.

The Lamberton Works first opened in 1869 by three local Quaker businessmen. The pottery was located along Third Street between Landing St. and Lalor St., in the Lamberton section of Trenton. In 1888, Thomas Maddock purchased the pottery, renamed it the Lamberton Works, to continue production while his main plant (a portion of which is now the Rescue Mission building at Perry and Carroll Sts.) was rebuilt after a devastating fire. Then, in 1923, one-time Maddock office boy D. William Scammell purchased, along with his five brothers, the plant and the ongoing china business from the Maddocks, which the Scammells ran successfully until D. William passed on in 1952. Largely abandoned after the Scammell China Company closed in 1954, what remained of the old factory was burnt down by vandals in 1972. The Lamberton name lived on well into the 1990s through a line of china manufactured by the Sterling China Company of Wellsville, Ohio which purchased the equipment and ongoing contracts of the Lamberton Works in 1954. Lamberton Works pieces from both the Maddock and Scammell eras are much sought after by many collectors today. See more information at bottom of page.

maddocks works lamberton unidentified pattern platter  Lamberton Unidentified Pattern by Maddocks Works
  Description: Large wild flower bouquet, gold decoration & trim
  Status: Discontinued: 1893 - 1929
  Condition: Used; Good for age - has age crazing mostly backside
See crazing in backstamp photo
maddocks works lamberton unidentified pattern backstamp
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Maddocks - While owned by the Maddocks, the Lamberton Works output of domestic and commercial china was top-quality, though still a secondary pursuit to that firm's primary interests in sanitary wares. Under the Scammells, the client list and variety of wares and decorations grew rapidly. Prominent hotel & restaurant customers included the Waldorf-Astoria, United Hotels Corp, William Penn Hotel, Chalfonte Hotel, Miami Hotel, La Salle, President, Wanamakers, Strawbridge & Clothier, Macy's, Gimbels, Bullocks, Bickfords, Fosters, Davenports, Horn & Hardart, and many, many more. Railroad customers included the Pennsylvania, the New Jersey Central, the Union Pacific, the New York Central, the Southern Pacific, and the Baltimore & Ohio. Known ship line users were Holland-America, the Norfolk and Washington Steamboat Co., Norwich Line, Panama Pacific Steamship, United States Lines and others. You could, indeed, travel America - and much of the world - and never eat off any but a dish made in Trenton.

Scammell - Scammell also made special occasion pieces such as commemorative and college alumni lamp bases, Art Deco accent pieces, and many beautiful fine china dinnerware lines. Scammell's decoration styles included hand painting, solid glaze, decal and transfer prints, lines and bands, acid etched gold, overall luster and occasional embossed customer logos.