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Moritz Zdekauer, MZ Austria Altrohlau ALT101 china replacements

Replacement China in the Altrohlau Pattern ALT101 made by MZ (Moritz Zdekauer) Austria in Altrohlau, Germany.

Moritz Zdekauer - Altrohlau, Germany; China stamped Austria does not necessarily mean it was actually made in Austria. In 1884 Moritz Zdekauer purchased the Altrohlau (Germany) Porcelain factory. The letters "MZ" have been maintained in the logo ever since, including being on the factory building today. In 1992 the company was privatized and is currently known as Starorolský Porcelán Moritz Zdekauer.

m z austria altrohlau pattern alt101 dinner plate  ALT101 by MZ Austria Altrohlau
  Description: Green band trimmed with gold lace, pink rose swags; gold trim
  Status: Discontinued: 1891 - 1917
  Condition: Used; Very good to be so old. Some minor signs of use.
austria altrohlau china pattern alt101 covered vegetableaustria altrohlau china pattern alt101 backstamp
DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Covered Vegetable 12 3/8", oval ALT101cv 2 $154.99 Add to Cart
Platter 14 1/2" ALT101p14 1 $114.99 Add to Cart
Oval Vegetable Bowl 10 1/8" ALT101ov 1 $54.99 Add to Cart
Butter Pat 3 1/8" ALT101bp 12 $14.99 Add to Cart
The Muffin Cover below can also be used with a salad plate as a round butter dish.
Muffin Cover 5 7/8" ALT101muf 1 $234.99 Add to Cart
Dinner Plate 9 5/8" ALT101dp 6 $21.99 Add to Cart
Salad Plate 7 5/8" ALT101sp 9 $14.99 Add to Cart
Soup Bowl 7 1/2", coupe ALT101so 10 $17.99 Add to Cart
Fruit Berry Bowl 5 1/4" ALT101fr 6 $9.99 Add to Cart
Cup & Saucer ALT101cs 4 $25.99 Add to Cart
Saucer (has some wear to center gold ring) ALT101s 7 $9.99 Add to Cart
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